Most common mistakes women do in bed

Why did he go away?

Men back out of a relationship because they get offended. More than just the sex itself, a man dislikes being put down. Amidst all the light chatter that women have with their lover, there are a few topics that must be avoided.


Nobody but you

Never talk about another man, not even in passing. No other man exists, even if your lover asks questions about your sex dating life. These questions might include for you to compare the sex you are having with him to the others before. Always assure him that he is the best, and because of that, you have forgotten all the rest.

No names

It is not “Pepito.” It is not good to call his penis by a nickname unless he does so first. To give the dick a name that you dub from your own mind might come across the wrong way, no matter how sweet the nickname might be. There are so many words that can be used, such as large dick or fat cock. Stay in the safety zone with ‘pet’ names, so there won’t be a mistake.

Be there

Show interest. Intercourse is not a one-way thing. A female should not just lie down and open their legs. It is a total turn off to have a lazy partner or one who doesn’t pay attention. Be in the moment and forget everything else. You might have worries yet those matters can wait until after the love-making. Enjoy your sex mate, and it’ll make the experience much better.

Be observant

Learn to be sensitive. Sometimes, people clam up and walk away, permanently. There is something wrong, but they refuse to talk about it, and since no one cannot read minds, you should be observant and sensitive. Men also have emotions and are not as tough as they may seem. If a man fails to perform in bed, like having a limp dick, don’t make fun of the situation. If you do strike him to the very core, he will no longer want to be with you.

No one is perfect

Being insecure. With the seeming need to be ‘flawless,’ many women become ashamed of their bodies. A female ideally should be ‘body-positive’ and love themselves, but with all the ads bombarding us with model-standards, it does terrible damage to the self-confidence, especially while sex dating.

The touch

When in bed, do not let your fingers feel as light as a feather. A man might like a gentle touch, but when it is too light, it cannot be felt. Do give a little extra pressure for pleasure, but note, don’t press too hard. Just let him feel your fingers, and every other part of your body, enveloping him with your presence.

When a woman thinks she made a mistake while having sex with someone, then if it is possible, talk things over. Then, move on and try not to make the same mistake again. We all make mistakes, and if it is nothing major, matters can be discussed and worked out.